Why Choose Mazda


Why Choose Mazda?  Its Approach to Design, Technology, and Safety Has Created Automobiles Like Nothing Else on the Road!

While there are many reasons to choose Mazda, they all boil down to one basic principle: Mazda uses comprehensive design philosophies whenever it creates any automobile.  This means that every vehicle for sale at Rosen Mazda of Waukegan, IL offers exceptional handling, efficiency, convenience, and safety because it was designed from the ground up using consistent principles and with clear performance goals in mind.


Mazda Design is Driven by the Soul in Motion

KODO, which translates to 'Soul in Motion', is the current Mazda design philosophy.  A term that describes the energy released by a leaping animal or a human being at the moment when they decide to spring into action, KODO encapsulates both taught, muscular power as well as the dynamic balance inherent to all organisms.  In direct terms, this Mazda design philosophy has led to a current model lineup that's distinguished by aggressive stances, flowing, yet muscular, lines, and the appearance of motion even when at rest.  A compatible Mazda design philosophy known as Jinba Ittai, which roughly means 'rider and horse as one', was used to create the iconic MX-5 Miata nearly two decades ago and is still infused in that model line's modern incarnation.


SKYACTIV® Mazda Technology Ensures that Every Automobile Has Mechanical Systems that Work as One

To create a driving experience that really did feel like one organism in motion, it was necessary to develop a comprehensive Mazda technology suite of mechanical systems that were designed from the start to work with each other.  The result is the advanced SKYACTIV® family of complimentary engine, transmission, chassis, and body systems.  Because SKYACTIV® transmissions were specifically created to work with SKYACTIV® engines, for instance, their gear ratios are perfectly set to make the most out of engine output across the entire power curve, thereby increasing responsiveness and fuel efficiency.  Likewise, SKYACTIV® Mazda technology ensures that even features on the exterior of any vehicle, such as air vents, curtains, and grilles, optimize engine aspiration and cooling.

Recent Mazda Safety Advances Can Help Prevent Accidents

Mazda safety technology is yet another reason to choose the auto brand that's defined by KODO. Available features like i-ACTIVESENSE®, which uses multiple radar and optical sensors to enhance driver awareness, can actually help prevent accidents, while Adaptive Front Lighting and Distance Recognition Support are systems that can not only help prevent collisions, but also cut down on driver fatigue during long trips.  Other Mazda safety technologies, such as automatic E911 emergency notification, also work to mitigate problems after an incident occurs.


Rosen Mazda Carries Every Mazda Model and Available Feature

The Mazda approach to design, technology, and safety is clearly on the right side of the road, but which dealer near me carries all of its models and their available features?  The answer is simple: Rosen Mazda of Waukegan, IL!  Not only does Rosen Mazda carry Mazda models that are infused with KODO and SKYACTIV® design, but it also offers the full array of smart safety technologies, including  i-ACTIVESENSE®.  Call (888) 701-6062 to learn more or visit 100 North Green Bay Road to test drive a new Mazda today.


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