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Rosen Mazda isn't just the Waukegan Mazda dealer that offers the best deals on new and used cars… It also carries a full lineup of automobiles that feature exclusive Mazda SKYACTIV engines, transmissions, and other systems.  But exactly what is Mazda SKYACTIV technology and how does it allow new Mazda vehicles to lap the competition?

What is Mazda SKYACTIV Technology?

Mazda SKYACTIV technology is a family of interconnected mechanical systems that were designed from the start to work with each other to improve vehicle efficiency, performance, handling, and safety.  While most automakers develop engines, transmissions, chassis components, and even bodies separately and then later match them to create new models or variants of older models, Mazda SKYACTIV technology represents an entire generation of components that were always intended to work as a unified system.  The result is that all of the automobiles sold at Rosen Mazda that incorporate Mazda SKYACTIV are able to attain higher levels of performance than other vehicles at their price and technological level.

Mazda SKYACTIV Engines are tuned for Enhanced Performance

There are two primary Mazda SKYACTIV engine families: SKYACTIV-G and SKYACTIV-D.  SKYACTIV-G, which was originally developed from the experimental SKY-G motor, is a series of direct injection, inline four-cylinder engines that utilize a high compression ration to achieve increased performance without sacrificing fuel economy.  Piston cavities, optimized fuel injection, and a 4-2-1 exhaust system are among the many approaches that are used in Mazda SKYACTIV-G motors to ensure that the benefits of high compression are not offset by engine knock.

Mazda SKYACTIV-D engines, on the other hand, are a family of turbocharged diesel engines that are set for US introduction beginning in 2017.  With high mileage and an extra boost in performance due to high torque output, they're set to become one of the most popular engine choices available at Rosen Mazda.

Mazda SKYACTIV Transmissions Help Every Auto at Rosen Mazda Reach Peak Fuel Efficiency

Both Mazda SKYACTIV-Drive automatic and SKYACTIV-MT manual transmissions are specifically designed to work with the SKYACTIV-G and upcoming SKYACTIV-D family of engines.  Because they were intended for a particular series of motors, they're able to maximize efficiency while transferring mechanical energy to the drivetrain.

SKYACTIV-Body and Chassis Systems Simultaneously Improve Handling and Safety

A next-generation family of rigid, lightweight car bodies, the SKYACTIV-Body series both enhances handling while increasing impact safety.  Paired with suspensions that were intended for use with Mazda SKYACTIV technology, they also offer quiet, responsive handling.

Every Automobile at Rosen Mazda in Waukegan, IL Features Mazda SKYACTIV Technology

As the official Waukegan Mazda dealer, Rosen Mazda carries the entire lineup of SKYACTIV-infused Mazda vehicles.  Call (888) 701-6062 or stop by 100 North Green Bay Road today to learn more about how each system enhances performance, fuel efficiency, ride, and safety!


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